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Fargo Printers introduced technology that no other manufacturer could match, bar none. Much of the technology of the DTC Series is contained within its user operated LCD panel.  This menu driven four line LCD panel places many functions and adjustments at your fingertips.  Other printers require you to take off the cover of your printer to make these same technical adjustment. The Fargo DTC also introduced to the market the Smart Guard and Smart Shield functions and a  improved Cleaning Cartridge When simplicity is the key the Fargo DTC Series is your solution. Check out our Spring Special for the DTC515.

The Fargo Pro-LX printer is the time tested, consumer proven, workhorse. Now in its fourth generation, the Pro-L/Pro-LX Series is being utilized by the military, government agencies, and both large and small business alike.  When you need to print tens of thousands of ID badges, the Fargo Pro-LX is your reliable strength and power.

The Fargo CardJet 410 ID card printer is the first and only “inkjet” plastic ID card printer. Fargo has teamed up with Hewitt Packard to create this unique technology.  The CardJet printer Series provides you with ID Badges and familiar inkjet technology.  

The Fargo Persona C11 provides you with great looking ID cards at a rock bottom price.   It has a tiny footprint making it easy to place on any desk or workstation. When you need identification cards and have a tight budget, the Fargo Persona C11 is your answer. 
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The Persona C16 features an easy to read two line LCD display panel that shows  status and other helpful messages. Its small footprint and whisper quiet operation make it ideal to use in any environment. For added efficiency it comes with an increased input hopper capacity of 100 plastic cards versus the C11 which has 45.  If you have to print 500 or more cards then the C16 is a more efficient choice than the C11, while still remaining within your budget. 

Persona Line

Persona C25 is an entry level, dual sided ID card printer. It features a two line LCD panel and an input hopper capacity of 100 plastic cards. When printing on both sides of the card is important while keeping the cost as low as possible, the C25 is a middle of the road option. 
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Professional Line

The HDP Series printers are the King of all plastic photo ID card printers. Instead of printing directly to the card, HDP technology prints to a film laminate first and then fuses that to the card. This is one of the few printers that have a true, over the edge, full bleed on CR80 and the larger format CR100 ID cards. When quality is job #1 or you need to print to the larger CR100 cards, this is the only option for you.  

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